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For 20 years Halgan Pty Ltd has provided pre-treatment products and a dedicated service to plumbers, developers, engineers and merchants. We’re proud of the reputation we have earned over that time for “having what you need, when you need it, where you need it”.
We provide a comprehensive range of waste water treatment products in the following categories:

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Solids Pollution Trap

The Halgan Solids Pollution Trap is ideal in a range of applications ranging from stormwater treatment to pretreatment device to meet council requirements.

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Surge Control Device

The SCD is designed to be used in the wastewater industry to remove water- borne waste from trade, manufacturing and domestic sewage. Pollutants in the influent flow will consist of oil, grease and suspended matter. The SCD can be retrofitted to existing pre-treatment vessel or installed with new pre-treatment vessels to enhance their performance. The SCD will increase the performance of the pre-treatment vessel by up to 95% .

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Tap Bollards

Halgan’s strong, stable and durable polyethylene Tap Bollards reduce the risk of injury, vandalism and general tap damage.

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Storm Water Pit

Light weight and durable stormwater pits available in 900 x 900 and in 450 x 450 x 600

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Victoria only – MGTS6000 – 10,0000

The MGTS Series is designed to maximise performance, and to allow for
enhanced servicing capabilities. It’s shape allows for solids and sludge to be
captured in a purpose built servicing channel. The Halgan MGTS Series
available up to 10,000 litre capacity.

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Victoria only – MGTS1100 – 5000

The Modular Grease Trap S Series (Halgan MGTS Series) is AS-NZS1546.1 Certified. This is assurance that the MGTS Series is the very best quality grease trap available Australia wide.

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Victoria only – MGTA2000 – 10,000

The Victorian only version of the A Series grease trap (MGTA Series) is a single tank that is used for above ground only, installed freestanding (there is no need for a frame).
The Halgan MGTA Series is available in a range of sizes from 2000 litre to 10,000 litre capacity.

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Victoria only – MGT600 – 1500

The Victoria only version of the Modular Grease Trap (MGT) is available in a range of sizes from 600 litres upwards.

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Easily Cleaned
Easily Transported
Eco Friendly

The Halgan Difference

Halgan provides custom grease traps to help any business find the perfect solution, whether you’re undergoing expansion, undertaking a renovation or starting from scratch. There is a wide range of grease trap sizes on the market, and Halgan is prepared to find the right one for you. Consider what size will suit your needs best, as a trap that is too large will waste space and may be an unnecessary cost to your business.

We offer small grease traps that can be installed simply and without too much cost to you, as no advanced lifting equipment is required. Alternatively, we can supply large grease traps that are perfect for large restaurants or butchers with a huge output of grease and oil.

Halgan grease traps meet all relevant certification requirements, including Green Star, Standards Australia WaterMark Certification, and Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA). On top of this, we have become the first pre treatment manufacturer in Australia to achieve AS-NZS 1546.1 Certification for some of our modular grease traps.

Browse through our range to find the perfect fit, or contact us for more information or advice, including details about grease trap pricing in Australia.