Rotomoulding Services

Rotomoulding refers to a plastics moulding technology used to manufacture large and hollow plastic products for various applications. Halgan offers contract rotomoulding services for businesses of all types and sizes, giving them exceptional freedom to produce just about any shape they need. Our highly skilled and specialised team can produce a wide range of products, including rainwater tanks, playground equipment and dangerous goods bunding, alongside Halgan trade waste products on an ongoing basis as part of a contract. We’re confident we’ll be able to meet and satisfy your needs with our rotomoulding services.

The Rotational Moulding Process

The rotomoulding process usually involves placing versatile and readily available polyethylene granules into hollow moulds which are closed, slowly rotated on two axes, and heated in an oven. This melts the polymer, after which the mould is moved to a cooling station wherein the plastic solidifies and, once cooled, is released away from the moulded surface. Our rotational moulding process is conceptually simple and more cost-effective compared to other plastic manufacturing processes, but can be complicated to carry out. This is because no pressure is involved, which means the material cannot be controlled as easily as in other high pressure processes. Variables such as ambient temperature, humidity and mould type can affect production and the end result. Fortunately, our team has considerable experience with custom rotational molding and can help you achieve the best results for your application.

The Benefits of Rotomoulding

Plastic rotational moulding offers a number of benefits, some of which include:

Inexpensive moulds and small production runs make it an attractive option for clients who want a low initial investment and an economical solution that won’t blow their available budget.

It’s easier to make more complex shapes and accommodate production complexities such as moulded inserts and different surface textures, making it possible to create almost anything.

It achieves uniform wall thickness and creates fewer thin spots or weaknesses, increasing overall product strength and integrity for ultimate durability.

There’s no limit to the size of the products rotomoulding can produce, which includes tanks up to 50,000 litres, materials handling products, automotive products, and much more.

Based in Pakenham, Victoria, our custom rotational molding division can be trusted to get the job done to the highest standard. We have five state-of-the-art rotational moulding machines, with another to be commissioned in 2022 that can create high-quality products with quick turnarounds. We’re proud to offer AS4766 certified and water marked contract manufacturing for our diverse clients.

Discuss Your Requirements with Our Rotomoulding Experts Today

Halgan is one of the best rotational molding companies in Australia. If you would like more information on our contract rotomoulding services or wish to learn more about our rotomoulding process, you can get in touch with us today by visiting our contact page and giving us a call or filling out our online enquiry form. You can rest assured that we’ll answer all your questions, provide reliable advice and help meet your needs.