Consultancy and Design on Halgan Website

As manufacturers, the team at Halgan is best placed to advise, consult and design, with industry experts offering a range of services including site inspections, innovative solutions and custom tank design that will optimise functionality and project integrity. Additionally we provide advice on all pre-treatment of trade waste, stormwater pollution control, package pump stations, rainwater storage tanks and utilisation of Halgan products within the project design.

Heading up the consultancy and design department is Howard Christie, a specialist in design hydraulic services.  Working with hydraulic and civil consultants, developers and councils, Howard assists with project specifications associated with pre-treatment of trade wastes, environmental services such as stormwater treatment along with solutions for rainwater harvesting/reuse, package pump stations in both vertical & horizontal configurations and specialist commercial and industrial wastewater treatment.

Our design and consultancy team have  a working knowledge and appreciation of all building services design, coordination and installation requirements, providing concise and cost-effective solutions and advice