When you run a commercial or industrial business, you create waste water from the water you use on a daily basis. This is called trade waste, and it can include everything from water used to wash the dishes in the staff lunch room to the water used in the preparation of food. The types of businesses that typically create trade waste include restaurants and cafés, nursing homes and hospitals, car wash facilities, and construction sites. Many of these businesses might be required to have their trade waste treated before it enters the sewage system as part of an agreement with their water supplier. This might include the removal of specific chemicals that may have made their way into the water, or the separation of fats or oils that can affect the waste water’s pH levels. When you need specialist trade waste cleaning at your business, contact the professionals at Halgan for expert service and advice.

Why Choose Halgan?

For 25 years, the team at Halgan has provided a quality range of waste water treatment products, including those essential for trade waste cleaning services in Sydney and throughout New South Wales. We ensure everything we offer meets strict environmental and occupational health and safety standards, so not only you and your colleagues can rest easy, but so can the planet. We look for innovative, sustainable ways to reduce the amount of waste water that goes into the sewer system, with treatment options that enable the water to be used for other purposes.

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