Heel guard grate pits

All stormwater pits and gully traps should be fitted with a lid or grate to prevent any injuries from passersby falling in, as well as keep leaves and other such pollution out of the pit.

A stormwater pit full of leaves becomes useless. The leaves can block the pipe so water can’t pass through, leading it to become a breeding ground for insects and other such pests. Even worse, items such as cigarette butts or litter can go through the stormwater pit, down the pipe, and potentially end up harming the environment.

Fortunately, Halgan heel guard grate pits can be used to solve these problems.

An Effective Design

Heel guard grate pits keep all debris out thanks to an effective design. The narrowness of the holes in the grate allows water to travel through easily while preventing pollution and waste from falling in. Not only is this form of grate effective and safe, but even women in high heeled shoes can walk across them with confidence knowing that they won’t fall through the gaps.

These grate pits can be used anywhere a stormwater pit is in use. They are ideal for high traffic areas where the heel guard feature is a necessity for pedestrians. Public areas such as parks and petrol stations can also be fitted out with this style of grate. Halgan also recommends heel guard grate pits in less populated areas such as construction zones and car parks in order to prevent lost keys and stuck fingers.

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